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Sound Recordist / Sound Designer

Keiran Arthur is a sound recordist and sound designer based in Sydney, Australia.

He studied a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television) at JMC Academy in Sydney where he developed a passion for the creative process of recording and designing sound for film and television. 

Keiran is available to be hired as an on location sound recordist and can also be hired to assist with sound design in post production.


Keiran uses only the best gear and can bring a unique perspective from his experience working in audio post production. He offers sound recording services for any of the following formats:


  • Film

  • Television

  • Documentary

  • TVC

  • Corporate

  • Branded Content

  • Event Coverage

  • Podcasts

  • Music

  • Sound Effects and Atmos

Post Production

  • Sound design and audio editing

  • Foley

  • Dialogue editing

  • Voice over recording and editing

  • ADR

  • Music recording and editing

He is equipped with industry standard equipment including the Zoom F8n recorder, the Zoom FRC-8 F-Control Mixing Surface, a boom pole, a shotgun mic, softie wind protection, blimp, dead wombat wind protection, and 2 x wireless lapel mics with transmitters and receivers.

Whilst Keiran is a specialist in sound recording and design, he is also trained and experienced on set as an actor, extra, voice actor, puppeteer, director, producer, script supervisor, gaffer, boom operator and runner. If you have crew roles that need to be filled, get in touch with Keiran through our Contact page.

Some of Keiran Arthur's extensive experience in the film and television industry include:

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